Shepherds Groove Estate is the premier community being developed on the 1,000 Acre [One Thousand Acre] Palm Springs City project. When completed Shepherds Groove will have 168 villas set on the northern part of Palm Springs. It covers a total of 75-acres and has been designed around modern peaceful community living. Various amenities have been provided for in the design including a dedicated 2.5-acre club house, a multipurpose sports facility, shopping center and community park. Other amenities such as a 24-hour clinic and a community school will also be developed as part of the project. Residents will be assured of peaceful enjoyment of their homes and community in a modern, ecofriendly environment.

  • Status Under Construction
  • Area 75 acres
  • Location Gomoa Feteh, Ghana
  • Type Villas & Apartments
  • Villas168
  • Flat Size100 - 150 Sq ft

Prices & Payment Terms​

Starting from


Prices & Payment Terms available upon request.

Prices & Payment Terms available upon request.

**Prices are US Dollar indexed & subject to change without notice**


Modern Amenities will be developed as part of the wider Palm Springs City Project.

Surveillance System

Children's play area

24x7 Security

Landscape Garden

Firefighting System

AC Community Hall

Swimming Pool

Fitness Center



No.1 Palm Springs Boulevard, Palm Springs City, Gomao Fetteh.


Key transport

  • Coast: 300m
  • Supermarket: 200m
  • Airport: 2,790m
  • Hospital: 500m
  • Park: 1,500m
  • State Bank: 190m
  • University: 250m
  • Bus Station: 150m